“As your personal assistant, you will be able to
dedicate your time and energy to your business and your personal life – leave everything else to me”

Camilla Stockfleth Olsen




Calendar administration
Coordination, supervision, monitoring, booking, including invites.

Tour operator
Booking of flights, hotels, concerts, sporting events and the coordination of dispersing information to all participants.

Arranging and booking venues, advising participants, the completion of presentations, menus, distribution of materials, minuts, follow-up and evaluation.

Completion and production 
Professional and detail-oriented management of the production of i.e. marketing and generic presentation material for online use and print.

Your family’s project manager

Day-to-day tasks
Gift shopping, art acquisitions , dry-cleaning, Christmas cards, monitoring of craftsmen during  conversion / construction, clothes shopping and styling, interior design of office and home.

Party coordinator / Event planner
Dinner parties, communions, weddings – everything from invitations to floral arrangements.

Holiday organiser
Research of destinations, itinerary, hotel / cottage rental, events at the destination, equipment  and car hire, maintenance of home and boat.

Call me +45 25 47 67 78

As your personal assistant, I will organise and manage all the areas of your life where time is too short, and help is needed. To – in the best sense – be at your back and call, I recommend that I work close to you, so I continuously stay one step ahead of the curve and anticipate your every need.

With 15 years of experience as a project manager in the advertising and service industry, I am the perfect personal assistant. I am efficient and service minded, and I pride myself on delivering on-time quality while meeting the needs that arise during a busy day.

Price by agreement

I invoice per. hour – saving you the cost of a permanent employee. For large or long-term assignments, I can agree to a fixed frame rate.

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